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Hi and welcome to Cost-Reduction-Consultant.com. My name is Peter Brissette and I am a Cost Reduction Consultant here in the Denver, CO Area.

I have at my disposal a number of key tools that can provide most businesses Cost Reduction Solutions. Each business has its own individual circumstances so a cookie cutter approach is rarely effective. For that reason I am providing a Cost Reduction Audit free of charge ($600.00 value) for a limited time.

One of the key areas we are currently addressing is business growth while reducing advertising costs. Many small businesses lack a Strategic Marketing Plan and are having difficulty in setting themselves apart from their competition. What many do not realize is that they have "hidden marketing and business growth assets" already within their business that are not being utilized to differentiate themselves.

Our comprehensive Cost Reduction Audit includes a Hidden Business Growth Assessment that can mine those assets and clarify the marketing message. We can also develop strategic online marketing plans that will grow your business while reducing your advertising cost.

Below is a list of some of the key areas our comprehensive Cost Reduction Audit will address.

  • Review of Contracts
  • Overhead costs review
  • Telecom Billing
  • Commercial Lease overcharges and hidden charges
  • Operating Inefficiencies resulting in wasted man hours
  • Information Technology Leases (hardware, software)
  • Evaluate any technology budget overruns
  • Compliance, safety and security issues review
  • Accounting and Finance Inefficiencies

Cost Reduction Webinars

We can give you an introduction to our cost reduction process via a live one-on-one webinar. Just contact me to schedule it today.

There is a wealth of information available here on the website and I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter.